​​Physical Address:

​2 Robant Lane, Rivonia, 2128

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: +2711 262 5295

Mobile: +2783 448 7662

Email: craig@feringwood.co.za














About Us


our company


Feringwood Logistics is a procurement and logistics company which specialises in the export of goods throughout the African continent and to other parts of the world. We strive to provide outstanding services and cost-savings to our clients, thereby allowing them to concentrate on their core business.


Feringwood has over fifteen years of procurement experience, our teams have work experience on three continents and we have a big diversity of customers. We only deal with the most reputable suppliers in all industries and we aim to provide a dynamic, personalised and flexible service that delivers efficient solutions to all of our clients’ needs.


Goods can be sourced on your behalf from anywhere and delivered to anywhere in the world via our logistics network.


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